Streamer 210



Maintenance socket (mini-USB connector), Network socket for Ethernet connection (RJ45), 1x co-ax digital aux output (RCA phono), 2 x SpeakerLink output (RJ45), USB input (USB-A connector), Power input (IEC “cloverleaf” connector)


Front-panel indicator LEDs for Standby, Network, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth status, SpeakerLink and MQA, Rear-panel indicator LED for power, Rear-panel Bluetooth pairing button


42mm x 204mm x : 150mm




The Meridian 210 Streamer is a high-performance audio source which allows streaming services used on smartphones, tablets and other devices to be played on your audio system. It enables music accessed from high-quality streaming platforms to be integrated seamlessly with Meridian systems. The 210 can be attached directly to a pair of DSP loudspeakers or it can be connected to any system with a SpeakerLink input. In all cases, volume and playback controls are synchronised between streaming apps and the Meridian system.

The 210 supports Bluetooth® wireless technology, Spotify Connect (where available), it is a Roon Ready device and it also supports acts as a DLNA/UPnP renderer.

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